Don’t Be Left Out Of The Conversation At The Dinner Table Or Party! Read About This Years’ Most Useful House Search Mobile Apps For Your iPhone

Finding the right apartment takes a lot of work, because it involves time searching for specific details that are important to you that might not matter to others. Such as, stainless steel appliances, or a parking garage. Many apartment advertisements don’t include these details. Also, many apartments that don’t have these still end up in your search. Just like all apartments are not alike, all apartment-search mobile apps are not alike either. Here are some of the best iPhone apps today that can help you find the perfect apartment. lets you see floor plans, photos, and details of any apartment. If you want to get in touch with the owner asap, you can! All you have to do is click a button and you can send a quick e-mail. You can also save notes or pictures that you want to see later, that way you don’t have to go back again, or sift through the photos you don’t like.



Zumper is a very useful app. Its strategy is letting you use a map to see a grid of neighborhoods so that you can know precisely where you are searching before you start to view listings. You’re able to see the street view, which is highly useful, as that tool alone can weed out many rentals.



Comfy is more of a community. What’s amazing about this particular app is that while you can search for listings, you are also able to find and read reviews from previous renters. These days, its all about reviews. Comfy provides a tremendous advantage in this respect. They’ll also pay you if you sign a lease through them.



This app lest you submit an application right on the spot. You can also pay rent through the app (only if you lease through it). What’s also great about this app is that it lets you see a new listing right away so that you can get it before anyone else does.

Redfin unknown

Redfin is said to have the most updated listings out of most of the others. It also has a favorites feature; if you set a house up to be
a “favorite” you’ll be notified of any updates such as price changes. One thing to be aware of, is that is only available in certain cities, so be sure to check before you sign up.


Walkscore is a great app because it ranks rentals by how long it takes to get to another destination. This way, people can find the apartment that is most convenient to them. Even if you don’t use it to rent your apartment, it’s also a great resource to use afterward for learning about your neighborhood.


  1. I LOVE Walkscore. I’m not looking for an apartment, but I actually use it when I’m looking for a great restaurant, shopping center, or coffee shop to walk to. It shows me which ways I can take that are more on the dangerous side. Great app.

    • Yes! That is another reason that people use Walkscore, and it is a great one. It’s very nice that we have access to an app like this in this day and age.

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